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Randy Bright

Associate Certified Entomologist

Meet Randy, Bright Pest’s Associate Certified Entomologist. Randy is our official bug expert and ensures that all our staff are fully trained to identify any pest problem and treat them correctly. With Kentuckiana’s  FIRST full-time associate certified entomologist, we can confidently say that we know what bugs you.

If you have a specific pest problem and would like to receive advice on the possible cause of your problem, drop Randy and email with the link below.


Customer Feedback


Cindy Rubino

Jeff C.has provided amazing service, was very reassuring about the process, and very patient and calm with elderly parents!

Robbie Cox

Larry S. is the best tech you have sent to my house! He was very polite and professional.

Carol Burba

Darren M. was very polite and respectful. He went above and beyond. Very impressed!

Stacy Dripchack

Steve P. is very nice, I am very impressed with his professional service!



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